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For the Love of Pinot

Here at Dutcher Crossing we are known for producing exceptional small lot wines from AVAs spanning Sonoma, Napa, & Mendocino counties.  As of late, Pinot Noir has become a real focus here; we find that it’s a grape that speaks deeply of the land it’s grown on, constantly surprising with its nuance & sophistication.  “I […]

Grafting in the Vineyard

This Spring, we embarked on a grafting project on our estate vineyard in Dry Creek Valley.  Winemaker Nick made the decision to graft over a portion of our existing Zinfandel vines with Cabernet Sauvignon as he feels this is a varietal that would benefit Dutcher Crossing’s current wine program. In mid-May our team went to […]

Cheese, Chocolate & Wine

Wine. Chocolate. Cheese. Views.  Need we say more? Winemaker Nick & I have been cooking up a new program for the tasting room and let me tell you, we are super excited!  We’ve been ruminating on the idea of “atypical pairings” for some time now, and how we can bring that into the tasting room […]

The Art of the Blend

As most of you probably already know, myself and my winemaking team at Dutcher Crossing really appreciate the blending process, and we thoroughly enjoy creating inviting wines for you, our DCW family, from our estate vineyards, as well as from our grower partners.  With that in mind, Assistant Winemaker, Paul and I, love to show […]


The Northern part of Dry Creek Valley in Geyserville is one of the most beautiful places in Sonoma County (in my opinion), so it’s typical to find me wandering the vineyards, checking in on new developments and taking various photos for social media and wine club collateral.  It was during one of these walks, last […]

We are Grateful for You!

DCW Team 2024 🙂 As we begin a new year, I find myself reflecting on 2023 with the utmost gratitude.  Each year brings with it its own achievements, along with its obstacles and I am so proud of my team’s endless strength and growth.   I am thrilled with the accomplishments of 2023 and looking forward […]

Veraison in the Vineyard

Veraison in the vineyard always feels like a magical time; it is a key stage in the grapevine’s annual lifecycle.  It is a viticulture (grape-growing) term that describes the stage of grape development when the berry softens and begins to change color, which signifies the transition from grape growth to grape ripening.  Grape clusters begin […]

Summer Gift Pack in front of the Vineyard

Summer Gift Packs are Here!

My staff and I always like to get together and come up with fun and unique wine gift pack ideas for you to send friends and family, or even a gift to yourself!  The summer is one of the best times to share our wines with others, whether it’s to celebrate college graduation with some […]

Sauv Blanc and Summer Corn Salad


Lady and I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately.  I have found that playing some reggae music while sipping on our Sauvignon Blanc is not only good for the soul, but for my corn and peppers.  Moments like these make me reminisce about some of my favorite pairings, which brings […]


I was enjoying my morning walk with Lady through the vineyards today and took a moment to appreciate the immense beauty of the flowering vines.  The growing season is upon us, and things are moving fast here at our estate vineyards in Dry Creek Valley.  It’s always exciting to see the vines flourishing again, bringing […]

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